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Meet Dr. Dori Naerbo

Dr. Dori Naerbo believes in getting to the heart of the issues and uses an integrative approach combining many modalities. Her passion for research runs deep in her blood as her father worked in NASA’s space program and encouraged her to think out-of-box. She was heavily influenced by her grandmother to pursue the medical path.  Dr. Naerbo holds a Ph.D. in Organization Psychology, MSc in Business Administration, MSc in Clinical Research, in addition to education from Cornell University in nutrition.She created the Wellness Inspirit (W.I.N), for cancer, brain-injured, and other chronically ill patients utilizing an ECaP model at the Betty Clooney Foundation for the Traumatic Brain Injured. Dr. Naerbo worked for one of the top consulting companies with a multifaceted role in Life Science, IT, and security.  Nominated out of 57,000 employees for the Cap Gemini Guru School at Cap Gemini University in Béhoust, France.

Published in Business Standard, numerous articles and recognized in Talent, a CGE&Y magazine as one of the most “fascinating CV’s in our company” deemed a Renaissance Women with a Wagonload of Talent and Experience. As a published author, Naerbo wrote,  A Woman’s Heart Attack: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You, Standardization of Clinical Core Outcomes in Stem Cells Clinical Trials, and co-author Beyond What If, a #1 International Best Seller Amazon—featured on BCC Tees, interviewed by Readers Digest in conjunction with the European Cardiology Society for women with heart attacks. Since 2005 Dr. Naerbo has worked in the stem cell field, created a pioneering pre-optimization protocol resulting in better outcomes, held the positions of Director of Clinical Research and Patient Care Coordinators and Director of Post-Patient Care and works with doctors and patients. Naerbo is the co-founder, formulator, and inventor of Floragenx Nordic flower essences. And she serves as an advisory board member for the International Science and Nutrition Society